Saturday, April 4, 2009

Actually, i want to share something valuable and funny with you guys. Lately, i had been addicted something very interesting. Guess what.. the answer is, an advertisement by APPLE- I'm a MAC & I'm a PC ok these ads have been around for quite some time about 3 years ago.. if I'm not mistaken. they are totally enjoyable. The ads shows 2 guys which is a MAC and a PC. A casual looking guy who represents MAC and a formal looking guy who represents WINDOWS. The purpose of the ads all show how stupid windows is with all the hangs and crashes and patches and bugs and errors and many other "sickness" WINDOWS has while MAC just stands there comforting WINDOWS and sometimes outsmart WINDOWS without even doing a thing!

My favorite ads is about Xmas! which is even WINDOWS can do anything, they still cant prevent and help their people from WINDOWS transfer to MAC, even a rabbit.. hehe
so sad.. ^^

1st of all, im MAC, im not a PC..
i just to warn all WINDOWS users out there.. only for WINDOWS (^_^)

What exactly does Conficker do? At the moment, nobody really seems to know. Symantec’s security researchers, for instance, theorize that the network of Conficker-infected machines will be “rented out to criminals who want to send spam, steal IDs and direct users to online scams and phishing sites.” The reality is that, because Conficker isn’t active at the moment, nobody knows how it may be used. What is known, however, is that on April 1, certain variants of Conficker will take some active steps to further protect themselves from detection and removal. Infected machines are effectively under control of those who wrote Conficker, and they can install malicious code at their discretion. Experts say its the worst infection since 2003's SQL Slammer. Estimates of the number of computers infected range from almost 9 mil PCs to 15 mil computers. Panda Antivirus reported of 2 mil computers analyzed throught ActiveScan, around 115000 were infected. Potential of infection is 30%. Even computers from the UK Ministry of Defence got infected..

for MAC users- as usual nothing to worry about.