Thursday, July 30, 2009


recently, something happen to my body
when i got fever,
doctor ask me to go to hospital
and did the x-ray
but, of course i x-ray my body only, not my head like in the picture..
the result is not so good.. maybe..
whatever it is, i need to meet the doctor again..
for the next 3 week..

Thursday, July 16, 2009

English or Bahasa Malaysia?

i hate our government (not totally hate, but, still have that feeling >.<)
anyway, i don't like they mix the politic with education, maybe it's good for them, but not for us as a student
because of them, our education system always change.. (like happen to high school recently)
did they need to change it every time?
why they didn't do like britain or american system? already fixed.. just update syllabus for a period of time
duh.. =.=
same with my university, if they really want to teach in english,
why still selling malay book? while they teach in english
sometimes, it easy to use (maybe depends on a person)
especially, for certain subject, which use many scientific term
whatever happen, we need to adapt with the situation
perhaps, one of us can lead our country to be better and better

for those student that study in malaysia, good luck in your study
all the best for new semester~